Welcome to Actie Consulting!

We're a creative IT Consulting company that focuses creating value for our customers.Our main focus is around Enterprise Architecture (EA) ang Big Data. We leverage inovatve technologies to provide solutions that allow our customers to streamlne their processes.

For the last decade we have been providing Enterprise Architecture and System Integration capabilities to our customers to streamline their processes. We offer solutions for mid-size to large organizations that are looking to solve their integration and process efficiency challenges. We have a deep industry knowledge, commitment to excellence, integrity and our ability to offer innovative solutions to complex problems in an efficient and timely manner.

Our approach is to focus on your needs, understand them and then deliver the right results for our clients. We bring to the table talented people that have a wealth of background in your industry and have proven skills to deliver the solution. Actie's Consultants helps clients reach their success through delivery on what we promise.